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Friday, October 19, 2012

In Review: The Voice

   I recently caught an episode of The Voice and I was really intrigued! I don't like American Idol, or America's Got Talent, or Dancing With the Stars, so I was surprised that I really liked The Voice. The auditions were okay, but what I really enjoyed were the battle rounds. There is such excellent talent on that show! It is nice to not have any obligation like texting in your vote or calling a bunch of times for the contestants to win, The Voice is not so much a popularity contest as it is a talent contest. It feels more true.

   What is clearly not true is Christina's boobs. Someone had to say it! They are ALWAYS out and about and its almost become a game, how much can she push them out before they're actually completely out?! I was shocked to see last week she was wearing a scoop neck shirt that didn't feature her girls, it almost didn't feel like The Voice.

   Anyway -- watching The Voice just brings back my insane level of jealousy that I have for anyone who can sing good. Take my word for it, I can't sing. At all. It doesn't stop me though :)

Anyone else have thoughts on The Voice??

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